Boulder Peak focuses on multi-family properties that will benefit from BPC’s industry expertise, capital injection, and hands on management in order to achieve its full potential.


Boulder Peak buys, renovates, and operates with pride and the mentality of a long term hold, however, each investment will have its own hold strategy based on the state of the economy, investor return objectives, and market dynamics.


Boulder Peak was founded on the basis of consolidating institutional level philosophies and micro-market expertise that let us take advantage of undercapitalized and inefficient operations.

Established through years of working with the world’s most sophisticated real estate institutions, our CRE expertise allow us to create individualized asset management strategies and capital structures that provide strong risk adjusted returns.

Equity Per deal between $5.0m - $15.0m

 Larger equity placements for portfolio sales.


We target properties that will benefit from our hands on management expertise and capital improvements to increase property value.

100+ Units

Well-located garden style communities with the potential to offer our residents a clean, friendly, and safe place to live.

+1980’s Vintage

We target quality properties that offer upside potential through capital improvements and that allow us to hold long term if desired without requiring excessive ongoing capex.

We maintain “skin in the game” for all of our projects to affirm that each property takes top priority and has the right business plan in place to be successful.